About me

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at the Center for Brain Research, Indian Institute of Science. I specialize in human genetics and genomics, epigenetics, and bioinformatics.

I earned my Ph.D in Bioinformatics and an M.A. applied statistics working in the Li lab at the University of Michigan and my B.S. in Computational Biology from the National University of Singapore. I did my postdoctoral work in the Brown lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

My research explores genetic variation in human populations (with a focus on Indian populations) and its role in regulating gene expression and a host of complex traits. I primarily use bioinformatic and statistical approaches to answer these questions. I’m also interested in mining publicly-available data to ask novel biological questions. We are currently part of consortia studying the genetics of Parkinson’s Disease and the genetic signals of 10,000 healthy Indian genomes.

I have taught undergradute and graduate courses on genomics, genetics, quantitative biology, R programming, and scientific writing.